Nora Martin Swim School          

Mighty Tumbler Program

A thrilling program developed by Nora Martin that helps children succeed as they develop motor, balance, spacial awareness, cognitive and social skills. The program is progressive and sequential. It is designed to strengthen large muscle groups gradually so that children are successful as skills become more challenging. The cognitive value is wide range as math, geography, science are part of skill, discussion and story presentation.

Ages 3 to 6

  • Children develop amazing coordination, strength, confidence and skill
  • Use affirmations such as "We are strong!" and "We can do!" to empower young hearts
  • Learn stretching, somersaults, running somersaults, headstands and cartwheels
  • Use stories to teach skills "The Magic Forest," Boneylegs's Kitchen," "Mr. Cheese Roll," "Mr. McGregor," "Peace Stone," "Yoga Jungle" and "Jingles"
  • Children learn some yoga – the half lotus (sitting with eyes closed finger tips together, or palms up and open while doing "Ohmmmm" sound.) This is explained as a way to find calm when upset or worried or sad…or just to feel peaceful
  • Imagery and stories are used to reinforce skills. In this way all children are reached regardless of previous experience or physical development

Email Nora if you'd like to discuss the possibility of placing the Mighty Tumbler Program in your school or preschool.

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