Nora Martin Swim School          

Novice Swim Level

Basic Skills:

  • Submerges entire head comfortably
  • Makes ocean volcanoes
    (blows bubbles while entire head is under H2O)
  • Prone glide with bubbles (power float or shooting star)
  • Comfortable floating on back w/no help
  • Elementary backstroke (circles, wings, fly)
  • Breast stroke with bubbles (rainbows)
  • Gets breath of air independently while doing rainbows

Deep Water Skills:

  • Jump in pop up treads water
  • Jump in roll to back/elementary backstroke
  • Jump/dive in swim length of pool underwater w/breaths
  • Knee dive and compact racing dive from standing
O.K.! This Power Swimmer is now ready for:
freestyle, backcrawl, breastroke, butterfly, sidestroke, flip turns! Congratulations!!
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