Nora Martin Swim School          

The Martin family has been teaching swimming in Austin since 1968! The family teaches in Dallas and San Antonio as well as Austin. Nora Martin has been teaching swimming (Power Swimmers) and developmental gymnastics (Mighty Tumblers) in Austin for the past 30 years.

Our school uses a consistent philosophy, which has been carefully developed by Nora Martin over the span of 30 years. All teachers are trained to mirror Nora’s swim terminology, progression, format and presentation. Nora firmly believes that the student needs a solid, consistent skill foundation from which to build proficient skills and a life long love of swimming.

Students are taught so that they are comfortable swimming underwater & able to take a breath before moving on to more complex skills. Since the back float & elementary backstroke are crucial life saving skills, they are taught along with proper underwater swimming first. Then freestyle, breaststroke, back crawl and all of the other swim strokes along with diving and flip-turns are taught. Beginner & novice level swimmers learn step by step diving technique as well.

Our "child-directed" teaching approach is the cornerstone of our success. When a person's feelings are acknowledged and respected, the student feels safe and trusts the instructor and themselves as well. Learning takes off from that point on! Some children are visual, tactile or auditory learners, the instruction is given in a creative format. Imagery & storyteaching are used for the young beginner/novice. This way the children trully participate in the learning process and are eager to reinforce and practice their skills.


"Nora is fabulous at transforming children who are fearful of the water into swimmers. She is creative, loving, and an expert at making swimming a positive experience for little ones."
– Kelli, mother and customer since 2004

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