Nora Martin Swim School          

18m-2.6m/NON-water adjusted

Click here to see a video from class.

Main focus under water adjustment with:

  • Rain Clouds
  • Slide
  • Jumps from steps to parents/teacher
  • Jumps from side of pool to parents/teachers
  • Water balloon chases
  • Toy chases

Parents demonstrate with fun and enthusiasm:

  • Intial submersion will be with a 1,2,3, blow in the face and dip.
  • If totally beginner on 2nd or 3rd day After babies are used to this and are visibly closing up, no need to blow in
    face, just count 1,2,3
  • Getting face wet making “Mmm...” sound WITHOUT bubbles (until the children are water adjusted)
  • Mmmmm sound is the babies cue letting them know that
    they are going to get wet/submerge
  • It is important to look at baby and see whether they are ready!
  • Baby is ready for little balloon/toy chases with “mmmm”
  • Back floats are practiced with the “lullaby train”
  • Back float is extrememly important to practice, if resistance, use short increments. Child must learn later to roll to back for air/rest.
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